pottery 2007-present

Inventory: Dream Map, Minor Key
Companions: Crow, Magpie

I write w/ freewriter


Who Are You Parts I & II

Part I.
Response: A tepid water breather, a louse, a banana with a chocolate frown, a question with an answer, a crap tower, a bean garden, a salty unicurl cowlick

Reaction: The frigid fire fighter, my spouse, a toucan with a toothy grin, a disquieted samba dancer, a sea shower, a dean martin, an awful monotone guest-list.

Part II.
Response: A furnace with a missing door, gorgonzola with snakes, lurid shorts, making world safe for the fortune 500, Americans with tank-tops in three colors, Pablo, an insane set-list, squatters and 40ozs

Reaction: Dropping ink on charred papers, dropping in on sick half-pipes, wise marketing, a sage guitar trio, a frankincense girl, two for one faces, an auto tuned monologue, donations from actors