pottery 2007-present

Inventory: Dream Map, Minor Key
Companions: Crow, Magpie

I write w/ freewriter



"it's my word or the blackbird's!"
he pointed to a tree
and scoffed an ultimatum to the heathen mutts
and shadows too stubborn to be his silhouette

flakes of his dead skin rest on the window sill.
the head of the museum watches,
waits for y'all to learn some lessons
from his carefully designed corridors.

his labrador quit smoking,
turned over a leaf,
and took a paid vacation
from barking indiscriminately.

secretaries extol the virtues of
teamwork, mission statements, office birthdays
and how the worst place to park a convertible
is under a tree.

where they come from,
a man is entitled to one act
in a cabaret
or on the caustic territory god founded by fertilizing an egg.